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Special Events in Oakland

Waterfront Flicks Movie Festival
Oakland's Waterfront Flicks Movie Festival showcases the country's most popular movies. It takes place many times each year at the Jack London Market Lawn. Some of the most popular attractions that take place during the festival include trivia games, beer tastings, and cooking demonstrations. Other popular attractions include a children's area and a small flea market. Be sure to arrive early to reserve your favorite spot near the festival's stage.

Eat Real Festival
Oakland's Eat Real Festival celebrates the talents of local chefs who use the Bay Area's locally produced foods to create delicious dishes. It takes place three times a year near Jack London Market.

Some of the festival's highlights include cooking demonstrations, gardening demonstrations, live concerts and cooking contests. Other highlights include gardening expos and book signings. Be sure to attend the cooking demonstrations to learn how to make your own cheeses, butter, and salad dressings.

Sound Waves Music Festival
The Sound Waves Weekly Music Series showcases the talents of local rock, indie, and pop bands. It takes place several times during the year near the main entrance to Jack London Square.

Some of the festival's most popular events include live concerts, art demonstrations, and singing contests. Other popular events include dance workshops. Be sure to visit the local food vendors that dot the festival's grounds to snack on homemade hamburgers, pretzels, and popcorn.

Oakland Art Murmur
The Oakland Art Murmur is an arts festival that showcases the talents of Oakland's most popular painters and photographers. It takes place several times throughout the year at popular venues located near Jack London Square such as the Creative Growth Art Center, the Hive Gallery, and Warehouse 416.

Many art enthusiasts enjoy attending the Oakland Art Murmur because it features art displays, guided tours, and art markets that teach patrons about Oakland's art scene. As a result, be sure to arrive early to grab a spot in one of the guided tours that visit the art galleries located near Jack London Square.

Dancing Under the Stars Festival
The Dancing Under the Stars Festival is a festival that celebrates the dance styles that have influenced American popular culture. It takes place near Jack London Square's river walk several times each year.

Some of the festival's most popular attractions include dance lessons, live concerts, and food courts. Be sure to attend the dance lessons to learn dance steps such as the Cha-Cha and the Charleston.

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